DOMPE is DOPE – finest House-Sounds made in Berlin

DOMPE aka Dominic Wagner is a DJ & Producer with an absolute passion. A day without Music is a lost day for him. He describes himself as a restless person always searching for the next track and a perfect bassline. 

His Output is noticeably high. The Output of Releases have attracted for many attention, national and international.

DOMPE´s Tracks stand for extraordinary vocals paired with optimal arranged Sounds and Basslines. Never boring and always innovative. 

At the end of 2011 he moved from Cologne to Berlin.  A decision he has never regretted.  But he is a well-known man in the Rhineland.  With some Buddies he had a Club called ELECTROKÜCHE. 

The cooperation with his friend Andreas Schreck, better known as AGENT! is a good one, with a real groove. They spend much time together in the Studio and one can be eager for the results. Their EP SULTAN was a big one in 2017 and played by CLAPTONE and many more.

Also, not uncommon that he can listen to his own stuff while he stands in the clubs private. CARL COX, LAURENT GARNIER, MARCO CAROLA, RICHIE HAWTIN play his songs. 

With JACKFRUIT RECORDINGS he founded his own label in 2017, together with his wife and it is a matter of the heart: after more than three years they can proudly look back on 25 releases. It is DOMPE's personal, musical playground - all releases are his creative output.

In 2019, he released HIPPIE CRACK, his double vinyl album on the label. All vinyl and the tape edition were sold out after a short time. As a reward, on top of that there were high chart entries on Beatport and various listings on Spotify.

The basis for the motivation to release an album again in 2021: FRENCH COLLECTION is waiting to be heard.


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