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DOMPE aka Dominic Wagner is a DJ & Producer with an absolute passion. A day without Music is a lost day for him. He describes himself as a restless person always searching for the next track and a perfect bassline.  His Output is noticeably high. The Output of Releases have attracted for many attention, national and international DOMPE´s Tracks stand for extraordinary vocals paired with optimal arranged Sounds and Basslines. Never boring and always innovative. His tracks can also be finding on many “Berlin-Sounds”-Compilations. Next to his own releases, he brings out several lovingly carried remixes for his buddies. 2016 he has signed on many named labels like: SNOE, LAPSUS, STYLEROCKETS, SUPERFANCY Rec., AUDIO SAFARI, WIRED and many more. 2017 he released on 3000 GRAD, LAUTER UNFUG, BRISE RECORDS, KITTBALL, GET PYSICAL, MONKEY LEAGUE and STYLEROCKETS, just to name some. 2018 he worked for HEULSUSE, NO BRAINER and of course JACKFRUIT RECORDINGS.


The cooperation with his friend Andreas Schreck, better known as AGENT! is a good one, with a real groove. They spend much time together in the Studio and one can be eager for the results. Their EP SULTAN was a big one in 2017 and played by CLAPTONE and many more.


CLAPTONE put DOMPE´s Tracks in his Best of 2017 Playlist and cause of the 10th anniversary of HANNE & LORE DOMPE made his one Version of HUSHLE, released on HEULSUSE.  Also, not uncommon that he can listen to his own stuff while he stands in the clubs private. CARL COX, LAURENT GARNIER, MARCO CAROLA, RICHIE HAWTIN play his songs. 


The Berlin Scene appreciates his sets: DIE WILDE RENATE, SISYPHOS, TRESOR, RITTER BUTZKE are only some locations, he played. HAMBURG, KASSEL, NÜRNBERG, COLOGNE, WÜRZBURG and MUNIC, national everything was in the program.

In the summertime 2016 he played in India (Bangalore) for the first Time, transforming the dance floor into a boiling dance extravaganza in nearly no time. But, of course, he was also finding on the German festivals’ floors, for example he played at NATURE ONE or DIE LETZTE WIESE. At the Beginning of 2017 he was invited to Russia, Nischni Nowgorod. 2018 he spent a lot of time working in his studio preparing the album tracks.


In Addition to that he also has time to work as a successful label manager for the Berlin Imprint of the KIDDAZ.FM-Musicgroup named STYLEROCKETS and proves his talent for new sounds and high talented artists. With JACK FRUIT RECORDINGS he founded his own brand-new Label in 2017. It´s an affair of his heart and his latest Album will be released on JACKFRUIT RECORDINGS.


2011 there was his first one BEAT BACK on IMPULSE REC. and in 2013 PARADISE CITY was the second one on MIMIQUE Rec. At the Beginning of May he released his latest Album HIPPIE CRACK.  


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